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I have been dating my BF on and off for 8 yrs. This past year I decided to commit 100%.

My quick bio.

I got my B.A. 3 yrs ago
Got a marketing job
Went back to school for my M.A.
Own a condo & rent it out.
Live with my wealthy parents because I can and I have a great relationship with them

I should have my happily ever after right, but oh no, no, no, no…

This past winter my BF had a major break down, he went postal on me, and I mean postal; over his daughter. His baby’s mother moved to a different state. Through it all I stayed by his side, regretfully.

6 months later he has stopped cutting himself. But he has taken other pleasures to piss me off.

Basically has taken possession of my car since he drove his onto a wall that winter.
He always has my car on E, dirty, and smelling like a guy.

He owes me $4,000 in cash on top of the $1,000 he asked to borrow to fix his car that he cannot afford to fix since like 6 months ago.

We were going to move in to his mom’s apartment that he thought my princess ass would not move into, in the condition that it was, It was disgusting then and it is unfinished now without a kitchen but he managed to buy $5,000 worth in furniture on my credit because he shot his down paying for lawyers he could not afford to win custody of his kid. I have furniture for a home that I don’t want to move in, because I now know I am dating the world’s biggest loser.

OH he has sex with me every day, which I have been referred to as the Hispanic Angelina Jolie. I am picky, anal, and complicated any man with me needs to be patient, because I give back what I ask for in return. I have bared his nasty stinky breath, for 8 yrs., he weights 160 lbs and he stands @ 5’11” can any one say manorexic. NO one can tell me what I already know, I deserve better, yet I love/hate him.

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